Stop Trying to Figure Out All the Technical 'Stuff' That Goes Along with an
Online Business and
Get Back to Doing What You Love!

Looking for a Responsive, Knowledgeable, Friendly
Technical Assistant Who Also Speaks
'Regular People' Language?

Look No Further.

Hi! I'm Anita Johnson and if you want a technical assistant who you can count on to be there for you and do the work you need to have done, you're in the right place.

Is This You?

You’ve been in business online for a while and just need someone else to handle all the back-end technical stuff that is required to have an online business.
You may, or may not, know how to do certain technical tasks yourself.  More likely, you simply do not want to tackle them at all, and would prefer someone else do those tasks, probably better and faster than you.
Or maybe you are newer to online business and need a professional who's been helping people just like you build out their online coaching, consulting, and expert sites, blogs, opt-in pages, sales pages, and more.
Stop researching how to do it all on your own so you can focus on doing the kind of work that will get you in front of more people!

YOU Are The Person Who Needs My Assistance!

My ideal client:
  • Knows what needs to be done and is able to clearly communicate that information
  • Recognizes the value of the services being provided and is ready, willing and able to invest in professional support for your business
And as an online business person, you probably need:     
  • To update the look of your existing web pages so they are responsive and mobile ready;
  • Technical back-end services; or
  • Urgent assistance with getting an online presence implemented . . .
So, Let's Connect!

And Here Are The Reasons WHY . . .

Common Problem #1: 

You want to automate your email marketing, but you may not know exactly how to set everything up. Or maybe, you don't consider youself a "techie" and this kinda thing drives you nuts.

In These Email Platforms I Can:

Create new lists, add confirmation message and link; add follow up messages; create web forms; verify subscriber status

Search for customers; stop automatic renewals and cancel subscriptions per customer request; process refunds; add/remove tags; create weekly campaigns; create new list and opt-in form

Common Problem #2:

You probably want an opt-in page or sales funnel but either do not know what is involved in the setup process.  OR you know, but have no time, or inclination to implement it.  You know you're losing money, but you're stuck.

Funnel Platforms I Proficiently Use To:

Install, setup, and configure to create squeeze, sales, upsell, downsell, confirmation, thank you, launch and webinar pages
Create squeeze, sales, upsell, downsell, confirmation, thank you, launch and webinar pages
Create squeeze, sales, upsell, downsell, confirmation, thank you, launch, webinar and membership pages

Common Problem #3:

You have paid content that you need to protect, so you need a membership site.  I'm guessing one of these thoughts is stopping you from implementing it:

a) you don’t know how to build one;
b) you don't have the time or inclination to learn how to do so; or
c) you know how to create what you need, you might even have the software, but simply don’t want to do what is needed!


I Built a Membership Platform in a WEEKEND!*

And I Use These Platforms To:

Search for and verify customer orders; resend email with encrypted download link when it has expired
Verify customers’ membership status, orders and access; reset passwords; process refunds 
Install, setup, configure and manage; verify customers’ membership status, orders and access; reset passwords and process refunds
Install, setup, configure and manage; verify customers’ membership status, orders and access; reset passwords and process refunds

"For over 7 years, I relied on Anita daily for treating my customers with class, executing internet marketing tasks around membership sites, email marketing, PayPal, cPanel and WordPress, and ensuring the rare, inevitable hiccups of business were fixed quickly.  Connect with Anita to maintain the nitty gritty, behind the scenes aspects of your business and tech."
Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins

"If you're looking for someone to help you who is far from afraid of technology, enjoys the technical work, and finds a way to get to the bottom of anything that isn't working just so, Anita Johnson has been there for me for years and I trust her with every aspect of my business.  I highly recommend Anita . . . an invaluable part of my team!!"  Felicia Slattery

"Anita Johnson has been a savior in helping me get my business sites rolling. I am not a very technical person and Anita has helped me through many a problem area.  I have never know a more trustworthy expert. If Anita doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll do whatever it takes to find out how to do it. Hiring and working with Anita has been one of the best and most positive experiences I’ve had in working with anyone."
Judy Kelly

"Hands down, Anita is the most professional, knowledgeable and accurate service provider I have ever worked with. Not only was she my very first call when I needed help with DAP and OptimizePress, but she is my go-to-person when I need an online tool or gadget. As a matter of fact, she introduced me to Skype, Roboform and Dropbox, three resources I would not want to be without."
Dr. Linette Montae

Common Problem #4: 

You want to host webinars or teleseminars, but using the technology isn't your thing and you'd prefer someone else set these events up for you and handle the replays.

I Can Assist You With These Virtual Meeting Platforms To:

Set up events and follow up emails for registrants; assist to answer questions

Set up events and follow up emails for registrants; assist to answer questions

Set up events; embed IT code on WP pages and later switch code for the replay

Common Problem #5: 

Let's not forget the CRITICAL SYSTEMS which you probably would rather have someone else with more experience manage:

  • cPanel: Creating add-on domains; redirects; email forwarders; uploading and extracting zip files
  • WordPress:  Installing securely; creating MySQL database; configuring Dashboard settings; creating and scheduling posts; creating and edit pages; installing and updating plugins and themes
  • PayPal: Searching for transactions by ID, email address or name; verifying payments; processing the ocassionally requested refunds; responding to disputes/chargebacks (typically saving you money)
  • Searching for credit card transactions; processing requested refunds/voiding same day payments
  • Stripe: Verifying payments
  • Freshbooks:  Invoicing, time tracking and more for small businesses

Common Problem #6: 

Although you are running a business, you realize you could use more efficient and better organizational strategies. 

I Rely On These Productivity Tools:

  • Asana: Create and manage tasks
  • Dropbox: Cloud storage and File Sharing
  • LastPass:  Password Manager for Teams
  • RoboForm:  Password Manager and Form Filler
  • Smartsheet: Create projects and manage tasks
  • TeamWork: Create dated tasks and manage daily

And Taking Care of Your Customers:

You know you need to respond to your customers in a timely manner, but email just isn't working for you.  You probably need a dedicated support desk, particularly if you are avoiding communicating because of the never-ending emails which have become overwhelming.

I Recommend These Help Desk Support Platforms:

  • Groove: Install, setup, configure and manage; respond to support tickets; create FAQs and canned replies
  • HelpScout: Install, setup, configure and manage; respond to support tickets; create saved responses
  • Zendesk: Respond to support tickets; create FAQs and macros


"Trial Pack" of 5 Hours

$350 Value

Yours TODAY for $197

Trial Pack of 5 hours expires in 30 days

There is no way I can list every program, software, plugin, tool widget, or gadget I know. If you'd rather connect first to determine how I can best assist you, feel free to schedule a date and time on my calendar HERE.

By the Way . . . Here's What You WON'T Get

Please Note: I am not a graphic designer. I use a number of templates and pre-designed tools to make the process of getting your information online quickly and smoothly.
If you want logos, banners, or other designs, I can recommend sources to you.  As my clients say, I'm the tech genius and hand-holder behind their businesses. And I'd love to be that for your business, too!
Oh . . . you also won't get:
  • Unresponsiveness, waiting days to hear back from me;
  • Unsolicited advice you don't want or need to confuse you; or
  • Excuses instead of results.
Remember, if you want to connect or you have any questions, please book time on my calendar.

Otherwise . . .

Get Your Trial Pack of 5 Hours TODAY!

I AM really excited to connect with you so we can make things work right in your business!

Coaches, Consultants, Internet Marketers, Online Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Trainers . . .

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